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Heart Rate Calculator. This calculator is actually five heart rate calculators all rolled into one. Calculate your maximum (MHR), target (THR), and reserve (RHR) heart rates, plus calculate your resting heart rate health category and create a personal, printable heart rate training zone chart. Enter your Age and Resting Heart Rate (If Known) then click Calculate Age and resting heart rate are required fields If maximum heart rate is entered that number is used in the calculations rather than age Age Resting Heart Rate Maximum Heart Rate Healthy Heart (%) Easy (%) Aerobic (%) Zone 3 Anaerobic T. Sep 24,  · Use this target heart rate calculator chart to determine your heart rate in four exercise intensity your age to find an estimated maximum heart rate and the range of beats per minute in each zone: low intensity, moderate intensity, vigorous intensity and the aerobic Wendy Bumgardner. Target Heart Rate Calculator. The medically-based Karvonen formula below is the most precise method to calculate target heart rate because it takes into account your resting heart rate. Your Age. Input your age in the prompt below and the calculator will produce a range in which to keep your heart rate during aerobic exercise. Now that you know your target heart rate range, you can check your pulse at regular intervals (every 5 to 10 minutes) during the workout session and compare your exercise heart rate to your target heart rate. Understanding your Target Heart Rate. It is recommended that you exercise within 55 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 to 30 minutes to get the best results from aerobic exercise. The MHR (roughly calculated as minus your age) is the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity. » jump to test. Enter your age and sex to find out what the most-popular maximum heart rate calculators estimate your maximum heart rate to be. Note that none of the calculators is particularly reliable since each individual's maximum heart rate will vary according to a variety of factors aside from age and sex, such as genetics. Apr 04,  · Best heart rate monitor for workouts like HIIT and spin classes Polar H As we've already mentioned, if you care about accuracy then for us Author: James Stables, Michael Sawh. Looking for a great deal for mens activity trackers? We've found the best sales from has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month.Enter your Age and Resting Heart Rate (If Known) then click Calculate Age and resting heart rate are required fields If maximum heart rate is entered that. Use this (javascript) calculator to show you your heart rate training bands. Band. Type of Work. % MHR. Rate (SPM). What it is good for. How you feel. Once you have determined your Maximum Heart Rate the next step to heart rate monitor training is to calculate your HR zones. Heart Rate. in minimal time. Use our heart rate zone calculator here! READ THIS NEXT: How To Choose The Best Heart Rate Monitor. Shop Related. This website will help you measure your heart rate online, in beats per The most common method to calculate the maximum heart rate is: HRmax = - age . Use this target heart rate calculator chart to find your beats per minute Mature women jogging in park, checking heart rate monitor wrist watch. A maximum heart rate calculator that uses the most-popular formulas to estimate your maximum heart rate. A heart rate zones calculator that uses maximum heart rate or heart rate reserve to determine your ideal heart rate training zones. Determining Your Heart Rate Training Zones using Digifit and a variety of scientifically developed methods. Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones. None. Max HR. While the heartrate calculators provided on other pages on this site can estimate Visit our Heart Monitor Training Article for an explanation of how to find your.


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