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Minecraft Factions #146 - The Ban Hammer Has Spoken! (Minecraft Raiding), time: 18:24


Jul 11,  · Whatever, anyway, I think "The ban hammer has spoken!" is part of the essentials ban feature, so unless essentials gives you the ability to change the default message, your only other choice would be to install another plugin that conflicts with the Essentials ban command, but lets you customize the default ban message. The Ban Hammer has spoken. Wie es die Überschrift schon sagt wo kann ich das umändern? The Ban Hammer has spoken! The MineCraftlers Version 24/7 Täglich online! Skype oder Team Speak ist Pflicht! Admin hatt Bann Hammer has spoken? (Mar 31st , pm) Plugin-Suche. Overview. Well, if you have you might have thought, what is a ban hammer? Well, with this plugin, it allows a player, with permission, to type the command in which gives the sender an iron axe. Upon striking a player with the axe, bans them from the server. Simple and fun! The BanHammer will be consumed on use, but don't worry. “Ban Hammer” has been translated into 1 locale. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Translate “Ban Hammer” into your language. Interested in development? Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. Oct 02,  · To get a custom autoban message, instead of The Ban Hammer has Spoken! Put it in the Essentials folder, and go to messages. and then go to line 50 and it should be around there, once finished, ingame do /ess load or restart your server. Dec 09,  · DISCLAIMER: we do not by any means condone the language that is being used in this video if you are sensitive to vulgar jokes please stop right here and do not watch on.I don't know if this is Bukkit or not, but the default reason for when you don't put anything in to ban someone is "The Ban Hammer Has Spoken." How do LaxWasHere · My BukkitDev Profile · My Plugins (8). It simply says 'The banhammer has spoken'. I would like to . To edit the default ban message, go to the in your plugins folder. The BanHammer Has Spoken! I was thinking about making the same plugin but then i found this, i wanted to know if you would mind if i put this in another. Okay right, so recently my servers have been banning players randomly. I am only one with ban perms, no other plugins auto-ban, and it happens a lot. message your players are getting is "The Ban Hammer has spoken!. (Note: This is supposed to be a troll plugin, so I want to kick the player WHITE + " The Ban Hammer has spoken! Banned By: Console");. Bruno - "The Ban Hammer has spoken!" -no username - posted in Ban ^Me using the first plugin I made:D. Back to top.


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